For what some may classify as “Unique” or “Different”, creative sculptor, Wendy Johnson, classifies as art. Her creative abstracts, known as “Recreating Earth’s Leftovers”, appear years before their time and have emerged as Wendy’s Werks – a cutting-edge representation of the future of art. The materials used in creating her art range from antique railroad pins to oven doors, and her eclectic use of these objects merge together to convey a message and tell a story. In the true essence of art, Wendy’s Werks is constantly elevating and has no boundaries or limitations. Ms. Johnson’s creations, entitled “Peaces of Elevation”, will expand the mind of the most abstract thinker and challenge the current depths and dimensions of art itself. Her work demands attention and forces one to step into a higher consciousness and gather one’s own interpretation of the story being told. And being the vessel by which Wendy’s Werks is created, Ms. Johnson admits that through her work, she to has transformed.
Ms. Johnson regards her unique art process as a life lesson in itself and credits Wendy’s Werks to her acquiring a better understanding of faith, self-worth, and infinite possibilities. Wendy’s Werks has been exhibited at several venues in the Atlanta area, some of which include Clark Atlanta University, AID Atlanta, ANIZ, Inc., Hammonds House Galleries, Formosa, Vantage Pointe Studio, ICON Bar & Bistro and Rue de Paris Restaurant. Her work has also been exhibited at venues in and around Nashville, TN and London, England.